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Laser Cutting


Nitrogen for Laser Cutting

By far the largest use of nitrogen gas within this industry sector is for C02 laser cutting.

Assist Gas
Nitrogen gas is used as an 'assist gas' to prevent oxidisation or discolouration and to blow away the molten material from the cut edge. 

Purge Gas
It is also used in certain types of laser cutting machine as a 'purge gas' to ensure the laser beam guide path from the resonator (where the beam is generated), to the cutting head, is free Of contamination that could otherwise affect the power or alter the shape Of the beam. 

Laser Sintering 
Laser sintering or rapid prototyping uses a laser to form a solid 3D structure within a plastic powder material. Complex shapes and patterns can be constructed and modelled with ease. Nitrogen is used to blanket and prevent oxidisation of the powder material while it melts and solidifies to shape under the heat generated by the laser beam. 

Laser Ablation 
Nitrogen is used to expel fumes and blanket delicate electronic circuits where a laser beam is used to erode pathways on micro printed circuit boards. 

Laser Eye Surgery 
Nitrogen is used as a beam purge and pneumatics gas on Eximer laser machines which are used in the corrective treatment of eyesight defects. 

MSS Lasers

MSS are industry leaders in sizing nitrogen generation systems for laser cutting applications. To view more information about our range of NitroCube nitrogen generators for laser cutting machines please use the link below.



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