Laser Gas Mixing - MSS NitrO2™

Realtime Laser Gas Mix Adjustment
for High Power Fiber Laser Cutting


  The NitrO2 Range

Available in 3 models: NitrO2 Basic, NitrO2 Advance and NitrO2 Air.

All models offer high pressure laser gas cutting up to 34 bar, and flow rates up to 155 m3/hr and variable nitrogen and oxygen gas mix adjustment.



Manual Adjustment.

7% O2 Maximum



Automated with Laser Intregrated Controls.

22% O2 Maximum



Independent Electronic Control & Purity HMI Display

7% O2 Maximum

  Features & benefits of MSS NitrO2 gas mixing compared with high purity nitrogen cutting

  • Enhanced mild steel cutting quality
  • Reduced burr to < 3% of material thickness
  • Increased cutting speed*
  • Fully flexible: Real time purity mix change
  • Save space: The most compact gas mixer in the market
  • Compatibility: Works with any laser machine
  • Portable: No large mixing vessels required
  • Easy to install: Only requires single phase electrical supply 110V/220V (NA for basic model)
  • Accurate and stable mixed gas supply

*Subject to material type and quality

Improved Efficiency & Profitability
with the NitrO2 Gas Mixer


  Enhanced edge cut quality

Dramatically reduced laser cut burr eliminates secondary processing.


  Compatible with any laser

MSS solution can be easily installed on any brand of laser cutting system.


  Stable & reliable mixed gas supply

NitrO2 is proven to give highly stable gas mixing results to ensure consistant quality at all times.


MSS Nitrogen has operations in UK & US specialising in the supply of high pressure Nitrogen Generation systems for laser cutting and other industrial applications.

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