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  World-leading Nitrogen Generation Systems by MSS

Nitrogen gas is used for a wide range of industrial applications, from modified atmosphere packaging for perishable food products, to preventing fire and explosions in chemical plants.

MSS are a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen gas generation systems, with over 15 years experience building, supplying and maintaining pressure swing absorption (PSA) packaged gas systems. With manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA, we supply systems worldwide for many varied applications.

Low-cost N2


Environmentally friendly

Over 240 systems installed

You Could Be Saving Every Month 
By Producing Your Own Nitrogen Gas with NitroCube.

  Low cost + environmentally friendly

NitroCube offers a real low cost and low carbon alternative to traditional nitrogen supplies delivered by truck.


Quick and easy installation, either indoors, outdoors or even on a mezzanine.  NitroCube can be installed working the same day, requiring only compressed air and a power supply.


  24 Hour operation

24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime, no gas waste or running out of gas unexpectedly.

  No delivery charges

No gas delivery charges and no need to waste time ordering gas and accommodating deliveries.


  Self financing

Use money which would otherwise have been spent on ready-made nitrogen, effectively a consumable.

The Most Economical
& Simple Nitrogen Generation Systems


MSS Nitrogen is a global company specialising in plug-n-play Nitrogen generation systems for all industries. 

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