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Oxygen Generators

OxyCube Onsite Oxygen Generator
for the Medical Industry


  Instant Medical Grade Oxygen, On Demand 24/7

Delivering medical grade oxygen to patients is one of the key supportive therapies to bring relief and healing to individuals with serious respiratory conditions.


  What is an OxyCube Oxygen Generator?

The OxyCube on-site Oxygen generator is a complete “plug & play” packaged system that provides a secure, constant source of pure oxygen directly to patient, surgical and critical care units in hospitals and temporary treatment centres.

Available in a range of sizes to meet your Oxygen requirements, our OxyCube systems supply medical grade oxygen in full compliance with the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia.

  About MSS Gas Generation

MSS are a leading manufacturer of gas generation systems, with over 15 years experience building, supplying and maintaining pressure swing absorption (PSA) packaged gas systems. With manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA, we supply systems worldwide for many varied applications.

Medical grade O₂

Plug-n-play solution

Low-cost O₂

Over 240 systems installed

Cut Costs, Reduce Risk and Improve Care
with OxyCube Oxygen Generators


  Guaranteed medical grade O2
on demand 24/7

OxyCube provides instant Oxygen on site with quick & easy installation. Our OxyCube systems can be used as a standalone system or integrated into any existing on-site oxygen supply, cylinders, bulk liquid or other oxygen generation system.

Our extensive range of modular systems can supply high purity oxygen up to 99% with flow rates from 2m3/hr to 145m3/hr.


  No Oxygen shortage or disruption
to your gas supply

The OxyCube with optional cylinder refilling system, enables clients to fill Oxygen cylinders on site for additional backup.

The complete turnkey package consists of air compressor, refrigerated dryer, high pressure booster and cylinder pack. The system is capable of filling 10-100 cylinders per day.


  Environmentally friendly: Low carbon alternative to Oxygen delivery by truck


  Real time purity monitoring


  Automatic fail-safe backup oxygen capabilities

skid mounted.jpg

  No safety risks handling high pressure cylinders


  Low operating costs


  Plug & play: Electricity in, Oxygen out

Life Saving Technology, Supplying Instant Oxygen to the Critically Ill


MSS Nitrogen is a global company specialising in plug-n-play Nitrogen & Oxygen generation systems for all industries. 

Talk to us today about your gas requirements.

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